Essential steps that need to be followed before buying a condo

A condo is a kind of shared property which provides many amenities and a great lifestyle to the people living in it.Generally, condos are the individual units that look like apartment buildings but are much better than apartments. The people living in condos association like sky everton sustained land are provided with many such facilities like pool, tennis court, fitness center etc. And also each condo has its own rules and regulations that are already set. But before buying a condo, you need to follow some steps as they are essential to keep in consideration:-



  1. Proper finance

As not everyone has cash available with them and the condos society demand cash for buying the condo and cannot accept demand drafts. So to buy the condo, you need to apply for the mortgage from the bank.

  1. Home Insurance

You need to insure your condo in order to protect it from the losses or any theft or robbery. The home insurance will only insure your unit and not the entire building. Most association provide you facility of insuring your condo by taking monthly association fees as you don’t have to give the insurance money together and you can give in installments.

  1. Endorsement from the condo board

Before buying a condo, you have to give an interview with the members of the condo board. This includes the character reference and the availability of finance and also they will explain to you the rules and regulations and put some money as security with them.

Final saying

As there are many pros and cons of living in a condo but before you buy a condo, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps as these are must for buying a condo.